Stellar Training for Alcon Vision Systems.

StarPath Training puts the power in your hands. Invest in you.


We train your staff so you can manage service and maintenance costs. Now you can reap the benefits — savings, uptime and freedom —of having IN-HOUSE staff that diagnose and maintain your vision system. The StarPath training staff are former expert field technicians – so we know these products inside and out. We train your staff so you control maintenance costs and increase up time. Leverage your best asset: your own people! Contact us today to maximize profitability and control costs.


StarPath Training is the exclusive provider of Biomedical Engineer Service Technician training for Alcon Vision Systems. We train your IN-HOUSE staff to maintain and service your vision systems. With regularly scheduled maintenance and calibration (verification) the vision system can do what you bought it for – generate revenue.


We train biomed technicians to maintain and service Alcon Vision Systems – so you have someone on-staff who is qualified to troubleshoot issues and facilitate replacement parts. Once your techs are trained, you can negotiate reduced maintenance contract costs. Uptime increases. Operating costs decrease. With 10 years in the ophthalmic field, we’ve provided expert manufacturer information & advice to help the consumer make an educated decision. Contact us today.

Claim your independence. Boost your bottom line by training your staff. Find your own way today.